Lead singers in bands tend to share a common set of characteristics, they are quick witted, cooler than cool and have rugged good looks. Luke is a living musical phenomenon in this regard as, being our lead singer, he possesses none of these.

Always on the lookout to fulfill his rock and roll shortcomings, his attempts so far to trash hotel rooms have been thwarted by his habit of falling asleep like clockwork at his regular bed time, 10pm. The time he tried to throw a telly out of the window he realised at the penultimate moment that it still had 3 months of TV license left and therefore would be a shame to waste it…

Despite all odds however, Luke’s drive and desire to play the music he loves has taken him on a weird and wonderful journey and he is now our fully fledged rocker of the mic (although he does still need to hide behind his Les Paul, which he names Dennis…)

Being the youngest member of the group, Luke, to his disgruntlement, was brought into the world long after the glam era had been and gone. Luckily however, he was saved from the manufactured pop hits of the 90s as when growing up, was forced to listen and enjoy the musical tastes of his dad (our very own drummer), which consists of almost exclusively, 70s music. Noddys screeching vocals, Bolans huge dirty riffs, Priests bouncing baselines and Eltons pounding piano leaving a mark in his consciousness, and ear drums, that he would soon realise came from an era so special, it may never be equalled.

Luke says:

“I believe the glam era was the most creative, outrageous and fun period in the history of British music. The glittery stage outfits really defined the era, but the actual music underneath was even more fantastic, which is why we still hear these great tunes giving an unequalled energy on the radio, in TV ads and film soundtracks to this day.

The rock stars and song writers of the 70s who made it all possible are sadly, now a dying breed. Their music and legacy however will live on and Stargazer exists thanks to those bands and that music. Our job is to keep this great period of music alive and hopefully introduce it to future generations, but also, of equal importance, dress up in some ludicrous outfits, revel in a little nostalgia and have some fun playing some of the best god-damn rock and roll ever made!”


Luke tries to stay true to the sound of the original vocals and guitar sounds of the artists he covers, however being a typical Cornish boy you may hear him between songs, despite his best efforts, slip back into his true Cornish accent and be found munching on a pasty after the show…


My Favorite Tracks


My Favourite Artists…

  • Angus Young (AC/DC)
  • Marc Bolan (T.Rex)
  • Elton John
  • Eric Clapton
  • Jeff Lynne (ELO)
  • Francis Rossi (Status Quo)