Jo, aka Tanja, injects the glamour element of Glam Rock into Stargazer.  Coming from a diverse musical background (from cathedral choir to Indonesian gamelan – really, that diverse) this is the first band she’s ever been in – and if you’re only in one band in your life, what better than one where you get to wear 70s clothes and a wig?  

Jo enjoys the challenge of reproducing the range of backing vocal styles the band covers, and is working (so far unsuccessfully) on a revolutionary technique for singing two harmonies at once.  Her ambition is to play a different percussion instrument on every song in the set, while simultaneously playing keyboards with the other hand.  A work in progress…  If she’s well behaved, the lads allow her to upgrade to lead vocals and channel her inner Debbie.

Andy (our illustrious bass player) invited Jo to try out for Stargazer and she thought it would be ‘a bit of a laff’:  She has been overheard admitting her surprise that playing ‘these slightly embarrassing songs I grew up with is actually great fun’.  Jo also expresses disappointment that Brian Cox hasn’t shown up to rehearsals yet.

My Favorite Tracks