Jerry is currently the loudest known drummer still in captivity in Cornwall. During a gig down in St Buryan in the 1980’s he registered a level 6 on the richter scale, prompting a small scale evacuation of Penzance and the surrounding villages. Many brave sound men have fallen to their knees from his biblical seven-stroke drum rolls and thunderous bass drum kicks.

Jerry started playing drums when he was only 12 years old, beginning his drumming career playing in jazz and dance bands with his father in the early 70s. Jerry discovered his passion of rock drumming however with the release of Status Quos ‘Hello Quo’ , learning every drum beat, roll and fill of every song meticulously by ear, playing the record over and over until it was as worn out and as knackered as his drum skins!

From there on in Jerry has played in a variety of successful bands, forming the heavy rock band Vengeance in the 80s (with our very own bass player Andy), Black Cat Bone, Strictly Taboo, Tower and modern indie covers band Shameless to name a few. He has also been Ringo in a Beatles tribute band and once lent his kit to the legendary Rubettes who used it for a gig at the Hall for Cornwall (the kit was thankful to have a night off from the usual barbaric pounding..)

Together with Andy, Jerry forms part of the tightest and most powerful rhythm sections ever to be heard in Cornwall and their combined experience and talent are the bedrock of Stargazers classic rock sound. Their tales from the road are legendary (just ask them what happened in Wadebridge social club that time in the 80s…)

Jerry’s idol is Don Powell of Slade and Don is a big influence on his drum sound and style. He was lucky enough to meet Don Powell once after a Slade show at the Hall for Cornwall and ever since that fateful night, his mission in life is to break a drumstick at least once during every gig just like his hero. Despite reinforcing his drum sticks with the strongest gaffa tape known to man, he impressively still manages to achieve this feat with the consistency of a Swiss clock.


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