His life is music and music is his life.

Listening to his elder brothers 78’s began his love for rock & roll.

Since the age of 17 Andy has played in bands such as Strobe & Sleeper who appeared on TV.

Through the 80’s he joined Jerry in Vengeance & later Tower.

He lives, eats, breaths music and in 1982 opened the guitar shop Modern Music in Truro which he still runs today with his son Aaron.

Andy was lucky enough to tour & play with artists such as Ricky Valence (Tell Laura I love her) and the legendary 50’s rocker Charlie Gracie (Butterfly, Fabulous & Wandering eyes)

From the early days of playing with Marshall stacks Andy now uses a mini Orange rig but is still told by the sound engineer that he’s too loud. Old habits die hard.

His main love has always been the glam era and he could often be found in a dark room in a flared trouser and a tye dyed t shirt

But now thanks to the revival of 70’s pop culture & Stargazer he has come out and can enjoy his 70s era in public while the audience go wild.


My Favorite Tracks